Bill Mich / July 1, 2018

What is SEO splitting

SEO client splitting is not new to the industry but it is something that needs to be taken into consideration if you are contemplating on starting your own search engine optimization company or agency, this is what Michigan SEO Pro – SEO Professional did to generate some of their first clientele, you can visit their website here: Virtually what this means is that you will enter into a deal with a potential client with a very small fee. This fee could be $10 or $20 depending on what is going to be done but it is something very small that will help you build trust and rapport with the potential client. Once someone has handed you over money there is a trust factor that has been built. As long as you provide the services you offer or told them you will provide they will be more likely to purchase from you again in the future. One of the small tasks could include simply optimizing the company’s Google my business page. Google my business is extremely important to local businesses and if they are not properly optimize they are missing out on an essential piece of Internet real estate that they can easily leverage to their advantage. More often than not there Google my business page will be properly optimized already or need minor tweaks to make it ideal. This is an easy way for you to build rapport without actually having to do a great amount of work for the potential client.

Once you upheld your end of the bargain and provided the services you told them that you would you can then talk to them in more detail about potentially becoming a monthly client. Meaning they will pay you monthly for you to render search engine optimization work to their website or websites. Like stated earlier once they have given you any amount of money for you to render services on their website they will be more likely to pay you for other services you provide. This is a great way for new search engine optimization companies or agencies to get a foot in the door with many companies. Because you can reach out to these companies by casting a very large net. While most of these initial leads caught in this and that will never come to fruition the ones that do can be worth their weight in gold. It only takes a handful of clients on a monthly retainer for a search engine optimization agency to have a very substantial income which can easily reach into the five if not six figures per month.

SEO in MichiganOften time’s companies make it to this level by practicing in SEO client splitting. Many people believe that this strategy is not used by the big name or large search engine optimization companies but it is. The reason why this can become such a deadly tool in your arsenal is due to the fact that you can reach out to your previous clients and have them reach out to their friends. Generally entrepreneurs are friends with other entrepreneurs which more than likely will need similar services provided to their business as well. This makes it very easy for you to simply send out a massive email to all your previous clients and simply asked for them to give you a warm hand off to any of their friends who could potentially become clients of yours in the future. A great way to go about asking this is through giving the people who are recommending their fellow colleagues or friends to you who could potentially need your services a free gift. It could be a small gift such as setting up a resources page on their website so that they can link to valuable resources that their customers could use or by simply optimizing some of their pages on their site for free. Whichever way you go about it SEO client splitting is an extremely valuable asset and tool to have regardless the size of your search engine optimization agency.

Bill Mich / June 19, 2018

Michigan Travel is back on the map

We know, we know. We’ve been gone for some time but were back now. We have had many of you reach out to us asking when we were going to be back. well you’ve all got the answer. Now! We know that we left a lot of you hanging when we left but you should all know that we had to doing it and we didn’t have any choice. We had some very serious things happen in a very short period of time and we needed to make sure that we had all of that taken care of before we continued on with our online presence. It did take us some time to get things sorted out but everything is back to the way it once was and the universe is back on track and moving forward.

We believe that you will all enjoy the new content we are going to be bringing you. We thoughts about bringing the old content back to life but we decided to start fresh, and with a new frame of mind. So hold onto your horses and prepare for liftoff, this could be a bumpy ride!

Talk to you all very soon!